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We are excited to shared Dr. Lu's Olympic training experience with you. 

China's first female Olympic Ski Jumper  "Chang, Xinyue"

Dr. Lu doing in-air balance training for ski-jumping player

She was post 3 surgeries at a time: ACL reconstruction + medial ligament repair + Meniscus arthroscopy

Dr. Lu was focusing on patellar gliding track

Dr. Lu training Golfer

Taping subluxation of fibularis tendon

Olympics Trampoline gold medalist: Lu, Chunlong

Athlete with ankle injury

soft tissue mobilization combined with joint mobilization to increase ankle range of motion

Olympics Trampoline gold medalist: Gao, Lei

alignment of pelvis

World trampoline championship : Zhu, shouli

Swimmer 200 freestyle national 2nd place winner: Li, Shuang

Beach Volleyball player: Liu, Junjie